Developing the First Touch (Download)

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Author: Martin Bidzinski
Presenter: Martin Bidzinski
Duration: app. 45 min. 


Developing the First Touch 

with Martin Bidzinski

  • Game related Exercises
  • Lateral cone format
  • Choreography of the match
  • Small and large groups

The first touch is arguably the most important skill in soccer. This innovative training method will improve not only your first touch but will allow you to think one step ahead of the game.

The lateral cone format simulates the choreography of the match and allows players to develop their first touch in game like situations.

These exercises can be done by small or large groups with little down time or even by individual players who want to put in the extra time it takes to become a top player.



  • Agility and Ball Control Format
  • The Pass and Move Format
  • The One/Two Pass Format
  • The Two-Cone Format
  • Third Man Option
  • Inside-Instep Skill Format
  • Off the Line and Double Bluffs Skills
  • Mixed Touches Format
  • The Working Square
  • Receiving with Light Pressure
  • Using the Inside and Outside of the Foot 

Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro

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