Realistic Rondos (eBook) - The best 30 Rondos for your next training session!

Produktinformationen "Realistic Rondos (eBook) - The best 30 Rondos for your next training session!"

Author: Spiros Koulouris 
Edited by: Peter Schreiner
Publisher: Institute for Youth-Soccer, (IFJ96)

Pages: 51
Graphics: 30
Exercises: 30

Rondo eBook

In this eBook, coach Spiros Koulouris shows you the best 30 rondos for your next training session.
With the help of rondos, improve your players communication and timing, peripheral vision, reaction, speed and the ability to make the right decision faster!

Train every football habit on the pitch, with game like situations, challenging objectives and rules, that will motivate your players to mentally and physically give it their best!

The rondos in this eBook are suitable for any age group and can be implemented anytime during the season.

Every rondo is described and illustrated in great detail, with training objectives (technical, tactical and mental) and specific rules for each position (possession players and defenders).


  1. The FootballMind Philosophy
  2. The Importance of Rondos
  3. The rondo is the best way to introduce these important habits to your players in a simple way and with the opponent’s resistance. 
  4. The Importance of Rondos 
  5. FootballMind Innovative Rondos 
  6. When to Use a Rondo? 
  7. Emphasis on the Details & Rules 
  8. Number of Players - Size of the Rondo 
  9. Opponents in the Rondo 
  10. Repeat Successful 
  11. The Meaning of “X” Passes 
  12. Points - Change Roles 
  13. Peripheral Vision 
  14. Communication Timing 
  15. Decision Speed 

About the Author

Spiros Koulouris was born in Skydra (Greece). He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the field of science of physical education and sport with specialization in football, holds the UEFA A Licence and since an early age, decided to dedicate himself to coaching. He is the founder of FootballMind.

Experience as a Football player:

  • Different clubs until 4th division in Greece

Experience as a Football Coach:

  • Former Technical Director at Toumba FC, currently Youth-Football Coach at PAOK FC

Teaching Experience

  • Sport Teacher at College of DeLaSalle, Greece


  • UEFA A Diploma
  • Degree Physical Education and Sports of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki ,Greece


  • Coaching methodology of Futsal football for ages 16 and up (Thessaloniki 2015)
  • Science and football Conference 2015 (England)
  • 2nd Footballabout Conference (Athens)
  • First Aids Conference , Lung and heart function support - use of an automatic external defibrillator (Thessaloniki 2019)
  • 1st Medical Conference by Paok Fc – Groin Pain in Football A-Z (Thessaloniki 2019)
Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Spiros Koulouris

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28. Mai 2020 14:42

Simple and great!

Nice job!

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Excellent product, very insightful content, professional advice to improve your skills! Highly recommended!

27. Mai 2020 21:01

Professional work.

Already seen lots of the content. Very precise details. Target-oriented rondos. Specific skill set intended to be improved is shown coupled with specific rondos that apply to that target exactly.

15. Mai 2023 20:09

Gerne wieder

Klasse eBook. Viele Rondos gut erklärt und leicht im Training umsetzbar.

27. Mai 2020 19:51

Professional Job

Excellent Job

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excelente para profesores dedicados a entrenador jugadores jóvenes

muy buena excelente texto que nos ayuda a mejorar nuestra labor como entrenadores

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28. Mai 2020 17:06

Great idea about the basic movements of football with rondo's !!

Excellent !!

29. Mai 2020 17:38

The game as it should be teached.

High-quality thinking and job.