Dutch Academy Football Coaching U12-13 - Technical and Tactical Practices from Top Dutch Coaches (Bo

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  • 144 Pages
  • 71 Practices
  • U11-U14 Level

The Dutch Academy Football Coaching (U12-13) book in FULL COLOUR contains a detailed outline of:

  • The Dutch training methodology for this age group
  • The basic principles of Dutch Academy coaching
  • The age-specific characteristics
  • Training / coaching methods
  • Match days (before, during, half-time, after)
  • The Dutch Academy style of play
  • Technical and tactical training
  • Positional roles and requirements
  • Passing practices and small sided games

This book contains 71 practices as used in top academies in the Netherlands. There are technical and tactical practices for a wide range of topics ideal for coaches at youth level wanting to develop their team to world leading, Dutch academy standards.

Practice Topic Samples:

  • Creating Space, Opening Up and Turning in a Passing Combination
  • Create Space, Change Direction and Switch of Play
  • Checking Away, Receiving and Turning with Pressure from Behind
  • Building Up Play from the Back Through the Full Backs with Various Passing Combinations
  • Position Specific Flank Play with Attacking Combination, Crossing and Finishing
  • 2 Phase 1 v 1 Duel on the Flank with Transition Play
  • Position Specific 4 v 4 Attacks in a Dynamic 2 Zone Small Sided Game
  • Defensive Shape and Pressing in a 4 v 4 Small Sided Game with 6 Goals
Altersklasse: U11 - U14

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September 14, 2020 12:40

Gutes Buch mit vielen 1vs1-Übungen.

Gutes Buch mit vielen 1vs1-Übungen.