The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer - Part 2 (Download)

Product information "The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer - Part 2 (Download)"

Presenter: Norbert Elgert (professional coach at Schalke 04)
Presentation group: U19 FC Schalke 04
Length: about 55 minutes

Former German national coach Michael Skibbe wishes Norbert Elgert and Peter Schreiner good luck with their project "The Art of Playing Attacking soccer".


  • One-Touch Passing in a Square
  • One-Touch Passing in a Figure-8
  • Y-Drill
  • Brazilian Combination



One-Touch Passing in a Square

  • Basic Drill
  • Shorter Distances
  • Clockwise Passing
  • Longer Distances
  • Combination with Shot at Goal
  • Change of Starting Position
  • Competitive Game

One-Touch Passing in a Figure-8

  • Basic Drill, Including Running with the Ball
  • Throwing the Ball
  • 2-Touch or 1-Touch Passing
  • Corrections and Tips
  • Passing and Running at Speed
  • Double Wall Pass
  • Finishing
  • Wall Pass and Double Pass
  • Decision-Making
  • Additional Central Player
  • Skipping a Line
  • Skipping the Central Player
  • Double Pass and Wall Pass
  • Two Double Passes
  • Shooting at a Full-sized Goal

Y Drill

  1. Basic Drill
  2. Continuous Drill
  3. Shooting at Goal
  4. Forward Passing/Crossing
  5. Passing via a Third Player
  6. Double Pass
  7. Overlapping

Brazilian Combination

  1. Basic Drill
  2. Skipping a Line
  3. Double Pass at the Start
  4. Creating Space/Crossing


Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro

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