Scanning Movement off the Ball Behavior and Teaching One-Touch Thinking.

Product information "Scanning Movement off the Ball Behavior and Teaching One-Touch Thinking."

Author: Wayne Harrison 
Publisher: Institute for Youth Football, (IFJ96) 
Production: Peter Schreiner, Jörg Amthor 
Pages: 147
Graphics: 93

In this eBook Wayne Harrison explains the basic principles of developing the One Touch game and presents his training of first and second contact and the development of two-footedness. Players are often very good at playing with lots of contact with the ball, i.e. dribbling, turns and running with the ball, i.e., training and playing in a more technically oriented play. Unfortunately, far too often our talents are not as good at quick thinking processes and quick decision making, especially when playing with one contact. That's exactly what this e-book aims to teach!

The practice and game forms always have one goal: To develop composure in possession of the ball, to reduce the time and number of ball contact and the number of ball contacts needed to keep the ball in motion.

In addition, by becoming more aware of everything around him, the player in possession of the ball can use his imagination to make better decisions. Which applies to the same extent to the players without the ball.

The point is definitely not to have the players play at a high speed, and always one-touch, but to teach them to be aware of all the possibilities (with correct foot position and body posture) even before a pass is made, in order to make one of the following decisions:

  • Should I play the ball with one contact?
  • Should I hold onto the ball until another option opens up?
  • Is this the time to run with the ball, dribble, pass, cross or shoot?

This training will enable the player on the ball to quickly control it with one or two contacts. In doing so, he will recognize his options so that no third or fourth contact is needed to see where the opponents are, so that he also does not need so that he does not need any additional contacts to get out of the way successfully. We train their bodies for footwork and their minds for decision making!


  • One touch awareness development training
  • Number passing games
  • Basics of awareness coaching methodology
  • Methodical training
  • Use of dummies
  • The false nine
  • Three-zone game shape for improvement of the Scanning; Movement OFF the ball Behavior
  • Awareness development
  • Targeted switching game with 16 players
  • Improving of the targeted passing game in three-zone mode
  • Opponents Introduction
  • Directional game forms
  • Awareness game form with three teams
  • About the author
Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19
Autor: Wayne Harrison

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