Tactical Games - Part 1 (Booklet)

Tactical Games - Part 1 (Booklet)
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Product information "Tactical Games - Part 1 (Booklet)"

Author: Peter Schreiner
Pages: 52
Graphics: 44
Exercises: 44


Tactical Games - Part 1

44 numbers-up games from simple to complex

How do players learn how to hold the ball, run free properly and recognize gaps in their opponent’s defence and use them at lightning speed? How do you convey a clever game in depth, a surprising game shift with a final goal kick?
In this book Peter Schreiner presents 44 systematically ordered tactical games to convey important tactical behaviours in attack and defence.


  • Staying in ball possession (determine playing speed)
  • Running intelligent (use gaps)
  • Shift side of the field
  • Triangular formations
  • Double pass and fast combination play
  • Playing in depth and exploiting goal-scoring opportunities


  • Skilful duel behaviour
  • Delay an attack
  • Provoke mistakes
  • Anticipate and catch balls

The 44 tactical games are well illustrated and contain important information about the organisation, the structure of the exercises, the procedures, possible variants, as well as additional tips and suggestions.

Overview of the exercises:

  • 20 exercises 3 v 1
  • 16 exercises 4 v 2
  • 8 exercises 6 v 4
Age group: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Language: English
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Author:  Peter Schreiner Pages:  52 Graphics:  44 Exercises:  44... more
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