The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer - Part 1 (eBook)

Product information "The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer - Part 1 (eBook)"

Revised and Extended Edition (January 2018)

Authors: Peter Schreiner, Norbert Elgert
Pages: 56
Graphics: 35
Exercises: 32


The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer - Part 1

Playing directly - Quick Combinations - Attack Successfully

Professional teams play attacking soccer the way it should be played: The entire team switches to offense as soon as they win the ball, instead of waiting for their opponents to get back into formation. But how do you train accurate passing? And how do you lay the foundations for perfect combinations?
In this booklet you will also find exercises in square, triangle and diamond formations, focusing on the following technical-tactical concepts:

  • Direct pass and fast combination play
  • Rebound and wall pass
  • Forward pass
  • Getting past defenders
  • Three-player combination
  • Overlapping
Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro

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