Marcelo Bielsa - Attacking Tactics and Sessions: 4-1-4-1 (Book)

Product information "Marcelo Bielsa - Attacking Tactics and Sessions: 4-1-4-1 (Book)"

Author: Athanasios Terzis
Pages: 304
Graphics: 273
Tactical Examples: 148
Practices: 93

Learn from one of the most respected and admired coaches in modern football:

How to attack and create chances in the final third with Marcelo Bielsa’s 4-1-4-1 formation 93 Practices & Variations based on 148 Tactical Situations

This FULL COLOUR book provides a full tactical analysis of Marcelo Bielsa’s 4-1-4-1 attacking tactics (148 Tactical Situations) to provide a complete blueprint for how to attack and create chances in the final third.

Marcelo Bielsa is a highly respected coach revered for his innovative playing style, tactics and formations. His influence on football and elite coaches across the world has had a huge impact

Marcelo Bielsa’s Attacking Style of Play

  • Exciting and Expansive Attacking Tactics
  • High Tempo Football
  • Constant Off the Ball Movements
  • Moving the Ball to the Free Player via Link Players
  • Creating Numerical Advantages in Key Areas of the Pitch
  • Quick Combination Play
  • Constant Pursuit to Exploit Potential Gaps and Spaces

Athanasios Terzis is a UEFA 'A' Licence Coach and Football Tactics Expert. He has used this analysis of Marcelo Bielsa’s tactics at Leeds United (2019-2021) to produce 93 Practices and Variations.

You can use these ready-made sessions to practice Marcelo Bielsa’s attacking tactics and implement them into your training sessions.

Each Tactical Situation has analysis of Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United team’s attacking tactics and is followed by practices (progressive sessions) to help you adapt the tactics into your training sessions for your team.

Tactical Analysis and Training Session Topics:

  • Effective Positioning Between the Lines to Move the Ball to a Free Player
  • Receiving Between the Lines After Switching Positions
  • Forward Drops Back to Get Free of Marking or Create Space for Teammates
  • Positioning of the Wingers to Receive in Behind the Defensive Line
  • Positioning and Runs to Score from Crosses
Altersklasse: U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Athanasios Terzis

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