Individual and Small Groups Defense (eBook)

Product information "Individual and Small Groups Defense (eBook)"

Author: Luca Bertolini
Pages: 72
Illustrations and Figures: 102


If we think about all the systems of play, there are many types of defense tactics; the first big difference can be found among the defense lines with three, four or five players.

But these following can be considered deeper differences:

  1. How to play during negative transitions
  2. How and when to put pressure
  3. How and when run back to cover the spaces
  4. How and when to try to recover the ball
  5. How and when play with counterpressing
  6. How and when mark an opponent and when to cover the back spaces to him
  7. Who is the first defender among the forwards in the final or in the middle third
  8. Who is the defending midfielder or when to follow the opponents or when to try to close him. Or, why not, who is the defender who manage the whole defensive line.

But there are common principles of play of defense which every player should know as basic skills. These are the individual tactics principles of defense against one an opponent. These skills should be learned by all players as they are so independent from the systems of play.

In this book there is a progression of exercises which starts from some simple sequences, which will lead up to a final exercise where all the principles of play are mixed during its development. All exercises are combined with little goals to save and use as reference point.

The final exercises include a regular goal and a goalkeeper who takes active part in it; this is useful to train the players to defend looking always at the opponent, the ball and the goal with his teammate goalkeeper.

Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro

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