Football Periodization to maximise Performance (eBook)

Product information "Football Periodization to maximise Performance (eBook)"

Author:Adam Owen PhD 
Pages: 244
Age: Youth-Pro 
Practices: 102

Football Periodization to maximise Performance

Session Design | The Training Week | Tapering Strategy | 102 Practices | Youth to Pro

Proven and Successful Football Periodization Coaching Methodology to Maximise the Performance of your Players and Team from a World Leading High Performance Expert

Adam Owen PhD (UEFA Pro & A Licence Educator) has 20 years experience in various roles at the elite level; International, European club, UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

After his bestselling Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach and in his role as a UEFA Pro & A Licence Educator, coaches commonly ask these 3 key questions:

  • How do I get the best possible performances from my players?
  • What can I change or improve to maximise my team’s performance?
  • What gives me the best possible chance of succeeding as a coach?

KEY POINT: If the daily training content is poorly planned or managed through an insufficient methodological approach, poor performance occurs with the players insufficiently conditioned and significantly higher rates of injury. Adam has now used his vast knowledge of applied football science and performance coaching to create a proven and succesful modern performance coaching methodology and has provided the answers in this book.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Design training sessions and plan the training week (102 Practices included)
  • Use a methodological approach and training plan to produce optimum conditioning, low injury rates, and high performance
  • Make sure your players are always prepared correctly and perform at their maximum level on match day

The Football Periodization to Maximise Performance methodology:

  • Enhance coaches’ knowledge of high performance and coaching
  • Improve player performance and gain a competitive advantage
  • Maximise the training time and efficiency of the coaching process
  • Game model: Link the technical, tactical and physical details of the game
  • Maximising the use of specific training games and practices in the training week
  • Show the actual demands imposed on players in training
  • Training load management and reducing injury risk
  • How to design training sessions
  • Planning the flow of the training week to maximise performance
  • Tapering strategy = players arrive in optimal condition for the match!
  • Adaptable training week model for Pro, Semi-pro, Academy and Youth

The Training Week (based on Pro Level):

  • SUNDAY/MONDAY (1/2 Days Until Match) = Recovery
  • TUESDAY (4 Days Until Match) = Positional Principle Training and Resistance
  • WEDNESDAY (3 Days Until Match) = Collective Team Principle Training and Speed Endurance
  • THURSDAY (2 Days Until Match) = Unit Principle Training and Reaction Speed Development
  • FRIDAY (1 Day Until Match) = Pre-Match Activation Training Day
  • * Training week plans for Semi-pro, Youth Academy, and Grassroots (Youth) also included

102 Practices Included:

  • Resistance, Speed Endurance, and Reaction Speed Warm-Up Practices
  • Intensive and Extensive Technical Practices
  • Resistance Conditioning Practices
  • Resistance, Speed Endurance, and Reaction Speed Conditioning Practices
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sided Possession Games
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sided Games
Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Adam Owen PhD

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