Current trends of defending in space - Seminar 1 (Download)

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Current trends of defending in space

Seminar 1
Variants and basic movements of the back four

Author and Presenter: Ralf Peter
Director and Editor: Peter Schreiner
Animations: 21 - Graphics: 10 - Playtime: 64 Min.

Main topics:

Part 1 - Defending deep in the own half
General comments on the topic
Game strategies against the defense behavior in space are developed and refined:

  1. Coordinated paths
  2. Actions between the defensive chains
  3. Planned game relocation
  4. Philosophy of attacking the 2nd ball
  5. Targeted training of important techniques
    (e.g., "gap passes", diagonal balls, long-range flat passes)

Consequence: Defensive strategies have to be developed or adapted against these strategies!

Basic movements of the back four: Analysis - Changes - Trends

  1. Shifting sideways
  2. Holding the height
  3. Moving backwards ("falling")
  4. Moving forward ("push forward")

Changes in the basic movements

  1. Changes in shifting behavior
  2. Player between the lines
  3. Lateral shifting during attacking pressing
  4. Lateral shifting during defensive pressing
  5. Behavior after the enemy breaks through on the wing
  6. Behavior in counterpressing
  7. Reaction to opposing basic orders

„Back Five“ -  „Back Three“ - a new trend?

Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Ralf Peter

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