30 Variations to perform a 4 vs. 4 (Drill Collection)

Product information "30 Variations to perform a 4 vs. 4 (Drill Collection)"

Creative Drills and Competitions

Controlling, coaching and varying exercises and drills – arts and crafts at the same time. A small change in the rules, the implementation of a variation and the previous drill is completely different, with a different emphasis on priorities and a different art to play. One of the reasons to write this eBook is to practically represent the technical part of different control elements. Based on 30 drills for a 4 vs 4, we reveal and demonstrate creative ideas. Some echo a reduced 11 vs 11, some vary the level of difficulty and some present attractive competitions and contests.

Many coaches link the drill 4 vs 4 to youth soccer. A clear situation, a close distance towards the goal and many ball touches are only a few advantages (on the following pages you will find many other ones). However, all ideas presented in this book can be transfered to greater exercises up to an 11 vs 11. Further, it is also possible to combine different ideas into other contexts and apply them on other exercises, so that a variety of training ideas and possibilities to control exercises is created. Thus, you can close tactical exercises up with an attractive competition or specifically increase the intensity and the level of difficulty by adding certain rules. Therefore, all presented drills and exercises can be executed in every age group and performed with all players of different levels.

Presumed basic principles help you to include all the ten drills of every chapter into your own training routine and coach them. Little cues and remarks support you in finding other variations, understanding the game context even better or recognize and implement possible detailed coaching’s.

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