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Dive into the exhilarating world of soccer with Peter Schreiner's insightful eBook, "1v1 Against the Goalkeeper". Spanning 96 pages, this detailed guide is tailored for players and coaches keen on mastering the critical aspects of soccer – counterattacks and one-on-one confrontations with goalkeepers.

Counterattacks & 1v1 against the Goalkeeper

This eBook is structured into two focused sections. The first part delves into counterattacks, providing a comprehensive look at situations leading to 1v1 against the goalkeeper. Schreiner presents a range of training scenarios, from 1 against 0 to 3 against 2, emphasizing time pressure and tactical decision-making. The second part zeroes in on the climactic 1v1 standoff with the goalkeeper, outlining four strategic methods to gain the upper hand.

Soccer eBook

Now available as en eBook - 1v1 Against the Goalkeeper

Peter Schreiner doesn't just focus on the physical aspect; he delves into the immense psychological pressure strikers face and the tactical wisdom needed to score under these high-stakes conditions. The book places a strong emphasis on understanding the goalkeeper's behavior to inform the striker's actions.

With 37 detailed drills, complete with coaching points, this book offers a hands-on approach to training. These exercises are designed to sharpen decision-making skills and execution in crucial game moments. Additionally, the eBook provides deep analyses of game scenes, identifying common mistakes strikers make and offering strategies to rectify them.

Highlights of the book include:

  • Comprehensive strategies for mastering counterattacks in soccer.
  • Tactical insights into overcoming the goalkeeper in various scenarios.
  • 37 detailed training drills with specific coaching points for practical learning.
  • Analytical breakdowns of game scenes to identify and fix strikers' mistakes.
  • Essential skills development for both individual players and teams.

"1vs1 Against the Goalkeeper" is an essential read for anyone in the soccer world looking to elevate their attacking skills. It's a fusion of tactical knowledge and practical training, making it an indispensable tool for coaches and players alike. Transform your approach to the game with the expertise of Peter Schreiner, and become a master of the goal-scoring craft in soccer!

Peter Schreiner Shooting Drills

Peter Schreiner teaching and presenting the Goal Scoring Matrix worldwide

About the Author

Peter Schreiner

The former coach and youth soccer expert, including U19 Schalke 04 and former leader of the Schalke 04 youth academy, is the founder of the Institute for Youth Soccer and a sought-after coach educator, author, and speaker with numerous appearances at soccer congresses (DFB, BDFL, AEFCA) in over 28 countries. His publications have been translated into more than 7 languages.

Many of his publications, which he released with well-known co-authors including Horst Wein and Norbert Elgert, are considered standard works today. These include "The Art of Offensive Soccer" and "Developing Game Intelligence".

He is the organizer of the "Debystar Youth and Amateur Coaches Congress" and co-founder of "easy Sports-Software".

Peter Schreiner
Altersklasse: U7 - U10, U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Peter Schreiner

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