The Complete Keeper (Book)

The Complete Keeper (Book)
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Authors: Peter Greiber, Robert Freis Pages: 205 Exercises: 240   The Complete... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Complete Keeper (Book)"

Authors: Peter Greiber, Robert Freis
Pages: 205
Exercises: 240


The Complete Keeper

The Complete Keeper is a practical goalkeeper training handbook that truly delivers: Instead of bogging down with long-winded discussions of theory, it has more than 240 clearly illustrated exercises and practice games which provide virtually infinite variations for effective youth goalkeeper training. It is a rich resource for soccer coaches who know that goalkeeper training must be taken just as seriously as field player training. The book includes descriptions of basic goalkeeping techniques, in detail and with plenty of photos. Special attention is paid to the tactical aspects of the position and all bases are covered, from elements of training to the little things that make the difference between good goalkeeping and great goalkeeping. Although this book is primarily intended for coaches of youth soccer teams, the vast majority of the exercises are appropriate for adults as well.


About the authors

Peter Greiber has worked for 1st FC Cologne since 1995; he's been in charge of goalkeeper training for the youth division since 1998. He is a trained sports instructor and holds an A License.
Robert Freis is also a trained sports instructor and holder of an A License. He worked as a youth coach in Cologne for three years.

Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Sprache: Englisch
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