Louis Van Gaal's Coaching Philosophy and Practices (eBook)

Louis Van Gaal's Coaching Philosophy and Practices (eBook)
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This fantastic new Louis van Gaal ebook in FULL COLOUR gives you the unique opportunity to learn from the man himself about his coaching philosophy.

The ebook is packed full of in depth interviews with Louis van Gaal describing his football philosophy. The topics included are:

  • Preparation and Tactics
  • How to Manage a Team
  • Data Analysis
  • The Periodization of Fitness Training
  • Man Management
  • The importance of Tactics and Psychology
  • 35 Louis van Gaal practices

The included 35 Louis van Gaal practices are from his time with the Netherlands, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Periodization Fitness Training

The Netherlands training practices in this book were observed at Quick Boys in Katwijk, at the Dutch training accommodation in Hoenderloo, in various stadiums across Europe, during the 2014 training camp in Lagos (Portugal) and in Brazil during the World Cup.

There were many of the same types of training, but the methodological progress was thought out and the coaching moments were increasingly detailed and demanding.

Practice Topic Samples:

  • Timing of Movement in a Quick One-Two Combination Drill With Third Man Run
  • 5 V 3 Awareness Time and Space Possession Exercise
  • Collective Defending In an 8 V 7 Game Situation
  • Positional Support Play in an 8 (+2) V 8 (+2) Possession Game
  • Press High Up the Pitch, Win the Ball and Counter Attack in a 7 V 6 (+Gk) Practice
  • Switch of Play, 1 V 1 Flank Play + Crossing and Finishing Practice
  • Coaching Positional Roles to Build Up Play in a 6 Zone 8 V 8 (+Gk) Functional Practice
  • Set Play: Wide Free-Kick - Timing of Runs and Finishing
Altersklasse: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Sprache: Englisch
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This fantastic new  Louis van Gaal e book in  FU LL   CO LO UR  gives you the unique... mehr
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