Individual Defending Tactics (DVD)

Individual Defending Tactics (DVD)
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Produktinformationen "Individual Defending Tactics (DVD)"

This Teaching Method has been Developed in
the Youth and Academies of the Italian Serie A
Marking, tackling, intercepting, anticipating, positioning and defending the goal are fundamental elements in the modern game of football.

The Italian Style coaches present more than 40 technical exercises and game situations for the physical and mental development of young soccer players.

The exercises focus on the defensive phase, with the primary objective to develop the tactical awareness and abilities of the defenders, who are more and more scarce in the modern game of soccer.

These exercises are based on the training methodology used at Italian Serie A professional clubs to develop their academy players to highly skilled and tactical astute level.

The organization of the work is divided in two macro sections:

  • Improvement of the fundamentals of individual tactical abilities
  • Marking,positioning
  • Defending the goal
  • Tackling
  • Anticipation,Intercepting

Development of Coordination Abilities using 1v1 Sistuations

  • Balance
  • Differentiation and rhythmisation skills
  • Motor reaction
  • Motor combination

Runtime: 65 minutes
Language: English
Region: Region Free, works on ALL standalone DVD players, PCs and MACs
Age Group suitable for: from age U10 and more.

Altersklasse: U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Sprache: Englisch
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This Teaching Method has been Developed in the Youth and Academies of the Italian Serie A... mehr
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